Semi-Custom Residential . 1


 a custom home developed from a stock plan

Semi - Custom Homes are those that we will develop

The concept is to help minimize the initial efffort that is

typically required to develop a design program. For clients

 provide a good shortcut to an excellent start. Simply under-

who are not quite sure of their needs this method can

standing how a 3000 sq. ft. home works and just what you

starting with a quality home plan that has been pre-designed

by our office therefore maintaining our design integrity.

There are literally hundreds of plans to choose from.

should expect in your new home will assist you in determining

what you needs and desires might be. 

Make no mistake; a semi-custom home is not a significant

step down from Custom; just a shorter path to a solution

All of the homes here have been developed from
one of our pre-designed plans. In all instances the
client had direct impact on the final design. The
interiors as well as the exteriors have been modified
to meet their particular needs and taste.
Each home has also been modified to react to the site configuration, topography and orientation 


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